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In the recent past it has been seen that violence, robbery, bank hold ups have been on the increase, with many people getting injured or even dying in the process. Crime is actually getting out of hand and well trained security guards are essential components to combat this ever increasing crime rate. The crime rate in Ontario Canada has hit the 7% mark and is well above the national average rate, which is indeed alarming to say the least. Property crime is the highest, closely followed by theft, with burglary and vehicle theft trailing behind. FBI records depict that Ontario Canada is definitely not safe for communities and records a higher rate of crime that California. It is no doubt a fact that security companies should be equipped with the latest technology to combat the crimes that take place each day. Hence hiring a security guard from a top quality security service provider has immense benefits relating to absolute protection, be it your business of even private issues that need security coverage. At James Special Services we are equipped to provide clients with excellently trained security guards who will literally be “on the ball” where your business is concerned. Crimes in the form of theft, car theft, robbery, vandalism, muggings and other types of crimes take place largely in Supermarket complexes and the efficiency of the security provided will no doubt combat or totally eradicate this menace. Apart from Supermarkets, office buildings, hospitals and even railway stations, bus stops and the subway are also places where crime can be targeted and if you are not covered by the services of an excellent security company, then the situation would not doubt reach unmanageable heights. In an office building security guards place an important role in that they can always monitor visitors and even employees round the clock. At James Special Services we are equipped with technology, explicit knowledge and employ qualified security personnel, who have a plethora of experience in the trade. Another area where crime could take place is in warehouse and stores complexes. These complexes are definitely “eye openers” and the ground for theft. Our security guards are trained in all aspects of security depending on the business our clients conduct. Hence, you can rest assured that James Special Services provided excellent security coverage which will no doubt protect your businesses. With events making headway and most organizations and personnel conducting such events, such as weddings, engagements, conferences and sports related events, a reliable security service is an essential component that needs to be employed to protect the entire event from crime or other related misdemeanors. Apartment complexes also attract criminal activity and at James Special Services we are equipped with trained security guards who will protect your apartments round the clock. In a nutshell James Special Services has the best trained security guards for all your security needs and we consider your safety as our responsibility from day one, when we join hands with you.