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When it comes to safeguarding our personal property each one of us wants the best services which encompasses Expertise, Experience and Equipment (EEE). No doubt James Special Services is equipped with the EEE you will need to have your assets protected round the clock. Our company is proud to give you state-of-art security solutions and we are aware that each client is special, as they have their own exclusive needs when it comes to protecting their assets. We have been in the business in provision of security services from ……….and have acquired the skills in the protection of your assets be it corporate, personal or commercial. Our packages are designed to suit your requirements and we are also flexible when it comes to designing security solutions to fall in line with your requirements, if our customized packages don’t suit your necessity. This is not a myth, but in Toronto there are a plethora of commercial organizations that have placed explicit trust in James Special Services and you can rest assured that our team of highly trained personnel will provide the safety you need for your assets. We do realize that with the alarming increase in crime and theft that you will need a security firm that will provide a comprehensive solution package for the security of your assets and James Special Services is the security company you can rely on. Corporate and Commercial Property It is not the size of your organization that matters, but the fact that you need corporate or commercial security systems in place to be able to provide the precise requirements for your business and be able to safeguard your property from vandalism, robbery, arson etc. Personal Property and Personnel Our top quality security systems can assist you in keeping personnel and personal property safe, where we provide security solutions that alleviate risk of financial losses that can be brought about by theft, vandalism, arson etc. Cash-in-Transit

“ We provide fully equipped vehicles for the transit of your cash to banks and back to your office, aptly monitored by our specially trained security personnel. You can rest assured that your cash as well as your personnel transporting such cash are in safe hands right through the process. When you place your trust with James Special Services you can be sure that you have partnered with the best; a company that is deeply concerned with providing the best in security services, as well as a company that has an in depth understanding of your requirements that will hold you in good stead. ”

At James Special Services we are equipped to meet your needs with our refined technically innovative security solutions which can be customized to suit your individual needs. Our dedicated team of experts in the field of security will ensure that you are provided with the best security solutions that will fit your requirements. For us expertise and experience does not end with training our personnel; we continue to provide our team of experts with training throughout their career with us.