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In the recent past it has been seen that violence, robbery, bank hold ups have been on the increase, with many people getting injured or even dying in the process. Crime is actually getting out of hand and well trained security guards are essential components to combat this ever increasing crime rate.



If there is a golden rule in crime prevention, this is: make yourself a difficult target! It is not necessary to have the safest house in the country, but the safest in the neighbourhood. Criminals entering homes look for quick and easy scores, not challenges.



When it comes to safeguarding our personal property each one of us wants the best services which encompasses Expertise, Experience and Equipment (EEE). No doubt James Special Services is equipped with the EEE you will need to have your assets protected round the clock.



It won't be wrong to mention that every event faces the risk of some or the other kind of uncertainty that can prove to be a great hindrance to the successful completion of the same. Considering these risk issues, it has become very important to pay attention to the safety measures.


Why Security guards are better than security cameras

Security cameras are great for monitoring places that need to be watched. Sadly, when a crime is being perpetrated, you need more than a Security camera to oversee your business.


Reduce Insurance costs with security guards

Security guards are personals who are trained officers/ cadets in regular checking of unwarranted things, quick decision making during emergencies

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