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The city of Brantford is situated in Southern Western Ontario and founded on the Grand River. The city has a population of approximately 98,000. It is a city that has a wonderful history behind it and dates back to the 17th century. The city has many schools and local museums that add to its historical era. Statistics have shown that the crime rate has been on the increase for the past 3 years, with drug peddling also at a high. No doubt it a fact that a drug addict or even a drug peddler can cause great harm to the society, especially the younger generation. The local police will go all out to curb this menace, but how far can they go? The city needs a professional security service provider who will be able to protect the assets of businesses and residences as well as people. The crime of today is not like it was about 2 decades ago. Crime has developed into a virtual “virus” with lots of people bring killed in shoot outs, drug traffic increasing, bank hold ups etc. It is exactly for this reason that the public should be more vigilant in protecting their assets. But without a professional training this cannot be done. The city needs a high residential security plan and this can only be done by a professional security firm as they have the know-how, technology and experience to set up high security resolutions for residential and apartment complexes. No doubt any commercial entity can benefit from a high security system installed at their premises to curb crime in the form of theft both internal and external and even hold ups which have become a common thing in today’s world. You will see that if a professional security service is installed that alone will serve as a restriction to criminals and resultant protection of assets of commercial and residential properties. Another important factor that the citizens of this historical city should keep in mind is that office buildings need to be protected as well, as they provide a service to the populations by way of products and services. The next on the list is Events. These can be weddings, exhibitions, conferences, concerts private parties etc. If you have a security firm deployed then you can rest assured that your function will go ahead smoothly. Condominiums and Apartment Complex is target to crime due to the fact that they are enclosed and gives out a lonely look that criminals take advantage of. They could carry out any sort of crime ranging from robbery, theft to kidnapping of young children and even adults. Criminals can disguise themselves as courier personnel, vendors deliver groceries etc and then make use of this “make up” to carry out crimes such as robberies and other high element offences. Anyone will not suspect these vendors as they are a common sight in condominiums and apartment complexes. This is exactly why a professional security service is an essential element for Brantford City.