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To Our Potential customers

I would like to start off by saying that JSS is not the average security guard company, and we hold higher standards and expectations than most of security service providers. Our company employs professional, fully equipped, highly trained, and experienced individuals. We aim to make a positive difference for our customers with the emphases of enforcing our customer’s policies, and ensuring our customer’s assets and liabilities are protected, no matter what. When you hire us – you get what you pay for: professionalism and excellence. You also contribute to positive change within the security industry itself, as well as your local community. As stated, we strive for better performance and better results, while remaining cost effective. We only provide highly trained and highly skilled individuals to serve our clients and we only hire the best. Our recruitment process is unsurpassed by any of our competitors, and we can prove it. We believe that a “hands on” approach to management is the best way to ensure we are achieving our goals. If you hire us, you will be glad you did so. Any issues that may arise I will deal with personally. It is My guarantee to you that the agency and its employees will deliver what we promise, and that is to protect you and what is most valuable to you. We work 24 hours a day to create peace on mind for our clients.

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Commercial and Industrial protection services

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We have round the clock guards monitoring your security cameras

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Protecting your property while you are away from it.