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James Special Services offers Mobile Patrol Security Services conducted by its highly trained Mobile Patrol Supervisors. Services are offered to a variety of clients including commercial, business, and residential properties. JSS Mobile Patrol Cruisers are equipped with the right technology to ensure a quick response, exchange real time incident information with clients, communicate timely information with alarm monitoring stations, and maintain accurate records of all actions taken. The Mobile Patrol Supervisor team is supported and supervised 24/7 by a dedicated management team that oversees all operational aspects of their duties. Mobile Patrol Services detect and deter acts of vandalism, theft, trespassing, loitering and vagrancy, and quickly address any criminal activity that may occur on a client’s property. Proactive measures are taken to minimize threats and risks to a client’s assets. Examples of commonly requested Mobile Patrol Services: • opening and closing of property according to client needs • routine patrols to increase deterrence and sense of security presence • residential home patrols to deter burglary and robbery • timely alarm response and investigation