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A beautiful region, the Niagara is a regional municipality having to its credit 12 municipalities of Southern Ontario, Canada. This picturesque region is the home of Niagara Falls, a world renowned landmark in Canada and a must visited destination by many tourists. The population consists of approximately 450,000 people. The region has a unique aura about it and is a spectacular sight to witness. A region with many historical sites, schools, annual festivals, the Niagara Region is a hub of activity throughout the year. It is for this reason that the people of Niagara Region need to consider their security and the security of their assets at all times. According to details, the overall crime rate in Niagara Region is 117% and an all high rate. This is exactly why commercial properties and residences, including common property needs to be safeguarded throughout the year. Hence the population needs to be aware of how they could safeguard themselves and their properties. The only way this could be done is by hiring the best in security services that will assist in maintaining law and order and protect property; commercial, common and personal. The crime rate in schools the year round has been escalating with shootings of innocent children, teachers and even parents who are within the school premises. Security services with experience in these fields need to be employed so that they could detect criminals from a distance. Crime no doubt cannot be curbed 100%, but it could be avoided to a great extent with the right security service tools in place. People need to be educated on the need for a professional security firm to look after and protect themselves and their properties. The crime rate on bank robberies has increased over time globally. It is here that a superior security firm needs to be employed when companies transfer cash to and from banks etc. The world is becoming a place where crime is raging at a speed as fast as lightening. Each country has its own crime rates and these keep escalating rapidly. People need to be warned and educated on how they could counter these attacks. The only way they could do it, is by employing a professional security company with trained personnel in all aspects of countering crime. Today uniformed security personnel bring out a sense of authority when they are on duty and people feel confident, but no matter what their uniforms profess, it is the person within them that is important. For this to happen the security provider will no doubt be aware of how important a person is and how important his or her assets are. Layman cannot decipher what type of protection they need, it is best that they consult a professional security company for their needs, instead of trying to protect and safeguard themselves and their assets. Crime needs to be curbed no doubt about that and for this to happen it needs to be handled by professionals in the field.