Alarm Response

Are you aware that the Ontario Provincial Police response to all “At Fault” false alarms is charged at $100 per response? The cost is similar for all police services across the province of Ontario. Residential and Commercial alarms are prioritized lower then other calls received by the police and because of this, your alarm may not be attended to in a timely manner. Sometimes the police service will even suspend response if you have to many false alarms. 

Our Alarm Response services are detailed and comprehensive. Our professional, 24 hour Rapid Response Units will respond to your property alarm, investigate the cause and ensure the property is secure. In the event there is a actual emergency, such as a break in or property damage, our agents will remain on scene until the appropriate authorities arrive. Our agents will also apprehend the culprits if they are found on your property and hand them over to the police. All damage and relative information will be photographed and documented in a detailed incident report which is available to you, the police and your insurance provider with in 1 hour of the initial call for service. 

Rapid Response

Our mobile patrol vehicles are equipped with radio, GPS and safety equipment. This means our mobile patrol units can be in constant communication with its control center at any given time and provide rapid response capability. In addition, James Special Services operates a dedicated communications line. Alarm response requests can be dispatched by the center 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Reporting & Tracking

With our guard tour and real-time incident management system, we manage and optimize our patrol operations at all times. The mobile application allows our supervisors and clients to review checkpoint entries, respond instantly to incidents that require an immediate action and analyze reports and statistics. alarm response