Loss Prevention 

You probably know your own business better than anyone, but it might prevent you from seeing where the risks lie. Our experts are trained to ask the right questions and spot problem areas, whether internal or external.

Preventing external shrinkage

Our external loss prevention services can help you address shrinkage from outside sources and protect your inventory from criminal activities through:

-Uniformed deterrent guards fully trained in federal and provincial laws

-Theft and fraud investigations (brick-and-mortar locations and online stores)

-Arrests of suspects in cases of theft/shoplifting, fraud or other criminal infractions

Internal and administrative losses: policy review

The root of your inventory loss may be happening right within your own team. James Special Services loss prevention experts provide the following services to address internal problem areas and strengthen your organization’s prevention procedures:

-Review and analysis of operational procedures

-Review of past known events to identify recurring internal risks

-Visits of your sites and/or headquarters

-Interaction and informal survey with your managers

-Creation of a detailed risk analysis report, including recommendations and a personalized action plan

-End-of-shift checks

-Compliance audits

-Integrity testing for employment

-Delivery and shipment of merchandise

-Stockroom operations

-Garbage removal policy

Additional services are available specifically for the retail industry, such as the use of mystery shoppers and revisions to the Employee Purchasing Policy.

Complementary loss prevention services
Drawing from more than 20 years of experience, our teams can also provide:

-Store/warehouse and EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) design consulting services

-Access control during exceptional events such as store openings, special sales, and unloading of expensive or sought-after goods

Training employees and staff to reduce loss
We offer two types of training allowing your employees to prevent loss in an effective and safe manner:

On site Learning course – Modules on external losses (theft and fraud), internal loss (theft) and administrative loss

Traditional classroom-style course – Workshops led by instructors with numerous years of loss prevention experience

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