Parking Management Service

James Special Services’ focus on quality of documentation and record-keeping ensures that any disputes are resolved professionally.

James Special Services Inc.  offers parking management services for private property in Southern Ontario. Our agency works closely with municipal Bi-Law enforcement agencies across our service area, as well as reputable towing companies to assist with any parking issues that may occur on your property. 

Some of the issues we respond to include, but are not limited to:

– Parking in a Fire Route

– Parking on Private Property without a Valid Permit
– Parking in a Non-Designated Area on Private Property
– Parking in a Designated Disabled Space without a Valid Disabled Parking Permit
– Abandoned vehicles or un-plated vehicles


Our agency operates a dedicated vehicle registry to assist in the tracking and issuing of tickets and permits which allows us to determine several factors when dealing with illegally parked vehicles. In addition, we also operate an internal CAD system (Computer Aided Dispatch) which allows us to dispatch, assign, document and search all relevant information for the specific call for service within in seconds. 

parking management

Our Parking Management Services include:

– Visitor & Resident Vehicle registry
– Enforcement & Ticketing 

– Towing & Vehicle Removal

– Permit Issuance 

– Signage & Maintenance 

– Spot Checks

– 24/7/365 dispatch & problem resolution 

– Online vehicle registration & payment