Plain Clothes Agents

At James Special Services Inc. Our plain clothes agents are the smart, yet discreet solution to your intelligence or counter intelligence operational needs. Our plain clothes agents are trained specifically to “blend in” to whatever environment they are required. Our plain clothes agents are members of our uniformed and investigative divisions and come equipped with the tools to complete the tasks they are assigned. 

Some of the areas which our agents would be suitable include, but are not limited to:

– Corporate & Office Settings

– Residential High Rise & Neighborhoods 

– High Schools & College Campuses 

– Malls & Retail Outlets 

– Special Events & Meetings 


All plain clothes agents come trained in Non- Violent
Crisis Intervention, CPR First aid, Use of Force, Covert

Surveillance, Intelligence gathering & Counter

Intelligence. Our agents will conduct operations to 

identify potential threats to safety, security, assets & liabilities, employees or contractors. They are also useful in identifying illegal activities in retail or residential settings such as illegal narcotics sales, vandalism, internal & external theft and corporate espionage.