Uniformed Security Agents


At James Special Services, We recognize the challenges of providing security changes from country to country, region to region and location to location. Our security solutions are based on a comprehensive analysis of the requirement and may integrate static, mobile and technological security elements. Our layered security plans are based on analysis client vulnerabilities and include recommendations on security equipment and security personnel and in some cases even information security programs.

Our security agents can provide a range of services including:

• Low-profile security agents (uniformed or plain clothes), protecting assets while providing customer service
• Military-style security agents, controlling entrances and exits, monitoring security systems and patrolling sites
• High-profile security agents, maximizing the

deterrent effect when reinforced security is needed
• Risk mitigation through a proactive security presence and effective response

Security Agents supported by cutting-edge technology

James Special Services leverages the latest

 technological innovations to support our security agents in the field. Agents are connected and monitored in real time through our high-tech operations centers. This means it’s possible to escalate incidents as soon as they happen and respond to them immediately. Operators in our control centers support operations 24/7/365 and constantly monitor to assist employees and clients during emergencies. Talk to us about our dispatching and reporting capabilities.

Our account managers will help you define your needs

We understand that many organizations may need help defining their security requirements. Our account managers are industry experts who are there to assist you. They can take you through a range of options drawn from proven approaches and best practices. Whether you need them for temporary security reinforcement or long term, James Special Services security agents can make the difference between an incident handled with minimal disruption for your operations.