Security Guard & Private Investigator Training

Did you know?

In Ontario, the security guard licence issued by Service Ontario is mandatory for every person wishing to work as a security guard. Prior to applying for this licence, you must successfully complete a 40-hour basic security guard training program recognized by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

The JSS Difference

Our training program is recognized by the Ministry and delivered by a team of enthusiastic security experts with several decades of field experience. It provides you with skills and best practices necessary to fulfill the role of a private security guard.

Subject Matters

Upon completion of this training, the student will understand:

-Role and tasks of a security guard
-Customer service and professionalism
-Different types of communication
-Report writing and note-taking
-Patrolling procedures
-Alarm systems

-Traffic management
-Legal aspects of a security guard’s responsibilities
-Fire prevention and emergency procedures
-Use of force
-Access control
-Labour conflicts and crisis management

How To Register:

For course schedule, cost and locations, please contact us at:

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Use of Force Training 

The Tactical Handcuffing & Use of Force Training Program will ensure you receive the proper training and knowledge in the use of Handcuffs and Expandable Baton.

This one day training program provides the candidate with proper Take-Down Techniques, Subject Control Tactics, as well as Ground Defense Techniques. Use of Force Competency Certification Card is provided upon successful completion of the program.

A practical and hands on training approach is delivered by knowledgeable and experienced Certified Instructors.

Our program is an Internationally Recognized Use of Force System which has been modified from current police procedures to accommodate the specific training requirements of the Private Security Industry.

Our Training System sets the standard and is utilized by Security & Investigation Agencies.