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JSSI ANNOUNCMENT! Our response to the COVID-19 (2019 Novel Coronavirus Infection) Pandemic. We provide crowd/access control, COVID screening, and more.


Values are often espoused as the ‘moral compass’ for an organisation – the widely accepted ways of behaving that link to, or drive, business output or conduct. Workplace values help define the boundaries, or rules, for people’s behaviour. If values are the goal, virtues are the way to get there. A virtue is a characteristic of a person which supports individual moral excellence and collective well being. Such characteristics are valued as a principle and recognised as a good way to be. Virtues are innate good qualities or morals within people. In this way, they are characteristics of people but they do not define organisational or collective culture. In other words, values reflect what is acceptable in terms of culture, but virtues reflect individual human characteristics.


  • Fidelity • Integrity • Independence • Diligence • Enthusiasm • Family
  • For the success of any corporate organization in business, is by having its own core values or principals. The workforce whom ultimately determines the result of, any product and/or service provided, is the most crucial component. Having values is the methodology of how it is carried-out. Without hard work and effort, growth could become stagnant. We seek to encourage ourselves to thrive and prosper, together, as a collective corporate entity.



  • Loyalty • Devotion • Dedication • Constancy
  • Derived from the Latin word "fidelitas". Being one of the most important aspects of any organizational entity. By perpetuating its cohesiveness and resolution, via the unwavering support of its people (in our case, the employees). Fidelity is achieved by inspiring and incentivizing a complete dedication of workmanship to the company itself. Whereas, without Fidelity, the cause or mission cannot be fully executed.
    We take pride in, investing in our people and ensuring they are safe and healthy.


  • Honesty • Principles • Sincerity • Rectitude
  • In order to retain our crewmen, rectify their difficulties, and enable their advancements – everyone within our organization must consistently practice honest and open communication. All Humans are susceptible to fault and error. Thus, the means of attaining a maximal integrity of personality, skillsets, and coordination comes from the proper procurement, edification, and advancement of each individual within the organization.
    We are a company that is dedicated to honesty and openness without prejudice.


  • Sovereignty • Self-determination • Self-sufficiency • Self-reliance
  • A team cannot properly function - when its team-members are not able to rely on themselves, as well as eachother. Independence is an integral part of a capable, competent, and orderly collective in wholesomeness. Herein lies the determination and strength to succeed as an entirety rather than a singularity.
    We must be able to survive on our own, so we can thrive together.


  • Alertness • Intensity • Vigour • Attentiveness
  • The key to ensuring the complete success and fulfillment of duties, is by maintaining: situational awareness, attention to details, and a synergistic mentality and corporeal state. It requires energy and patience as well as self-care. The more we reduce the possibilities of negative results, the higher chance we have of succeeding.
    We train, educate, and supervise accordingly, to be the most prudent at all times.


  • Fervour • Passion • Energetic • Interest
  • On the subject of enthusiasm, it is without question, a most essential component of attitude, in the continued improvements of skills and unfortunate circumstances. Having the energy, motivation, and determination; to overcome obstacles, create solutions, and restore cohesion is of paramount importance. An inexperienced individual who is self-motivating and cognizant, will accomplish more than, the most experienced ill-motivated and ignorant / oblivious individual.
    We are a proud organization of individuals whom enjoy serving our clients.


  • Teamwork • Folk • Network • Inheritance
  • Family values are just as important as, having our own unique corporate culture. Being a family-oriented organization, we encourage our people to take comfort and pride, in working together with their colleagues. A corporate culture helps an organization to develop personality and common aspirations. Whereas family values keep an organization’s strength, health, and coherence. Hence our implementation of the two major factors, within every decision we make.
    We care about the people we employ, the clients we serve, and the communities we live in.